Z1BR and WAX teamed up to release

limited-edition, exclusive skins + a giveaway!

Enter to win redemption codes for Z1BR skins that can be redeemed in-game!

Enter to win
Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1, the ground-breaking game that introduced Battle Royale to the masses and paved the way for our favorite BR games today, is now called Z1 Battle Royale. Play it here (it’s free!).


The classic H1Z1 that you fell in love with - the classic movement, gun mechanics, vehicle movement, lighting, feel of the world/environment, and more.


Brand new systems, giving you more to do and interact with (and earn more rewards than ever before)

To celebrate their biggest update yet, WAX and Z1BR are bringing you a vIRL box of skins that is only available for a limited time (until March 16th @ 2pm EST), plus a giveaway! Once it’s over, these skins will never be released again so be sure to get yours while they last.


You can do more with your prizes besides redeeming them for Z1BR skins. You can:


  • List your Z1BR skins for sale on OPSkins Marketplace
  • Trade or gift them for anything else that trades on the WAX Blockchain - instantly and for free
  • Keep them in your WAX ExpressTrade inventory for as long as you want (they’ll be there whenever you want to redeem them for skins in-game)
  • Trade them on Steam Marketplace
  • Play with them and show them off in-game

Enter today!


Z1BR items may be redeemed on OPSkins.com in exchange for a redemption code. You will then use this redemption code to obtain the item in-game. Treat this redemption code as you would cash. Do not share your redemption code unless you intend to transfer ownership of the item it represents. We are not able to replace or replenish redemption codes that are lost, stolen or used without authorization.