Who truly owns in-game items?

Players want true ownership of their in-game items, where they can buy sell and trade them however they want. Game developers agree.

A recent survey of 500 game developers and 1000 gamers found that everybody wins when players to have true ownership of their virtual items - enabling a free-moving virtual item economy. Download the report to learn more.

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True ownership makes in-game items more valuable:

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Game developers are starting to view in-game items as a unique user acquisition tool since items are more valuable to players if they can be used in more than one game

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would create cross-compatiple items for the community

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of gamers say they would purchase more if items were usable in multiple games

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WAX commissioned a survey of 500 game developers and 1000 gamers, and asked them all kinds of questions about the future of gaming, what excites them, what frustrates them, and more.

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