SOLD OUT: "GPK Goes Exotic" Card Packs on WAX Sold Out in 1 hour!

июля 14, 2020
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The WAX Community did it: the “GPK Goes Exotic” series of digital trading card packs worth $204,800 sold out in just over 1 hour!

  • 7,000 Mega Packs worth $139,930 sold out in the pre-sale in just 25 minutes
  • 13,000 Standard Packs worth $64,870 sold out in just 67 minutes

This is the largest, fastest NFT sale in blockchain history, and we thank all the WAX and GPK community members who helped make this happen!

Where to buy “GPK Goes Exotic” digital cards and card packs

If you missed out on the pack sale, don't worry - you can still buy card packs and individual cards on secondary marketplaces like:

Just log in with your WAX Cloud Wallet and start shopping. If you are paying with WAX Tokens, you can read more about them here.

Here’s what you can do with your “GPK Goes Exotic” digital cards and card packs

Once you have “GPK Goes Exotic” card packs, you can:

Learn more about Topps’ GPK Cards on WAX - including details on how to buy, sell, and trade them - in the FAQ here. You can also join the WAX <> GPK trading community in Telegram here.

About the “GPK Goes Exotic” Golden Card Giveaway

Ultra-Rare Golden Cards are being gifted soon! Buyers of GPK Card Packs on WAX were automatically entered to win an Ultra-Rare Golden Card. We'll be issuing these soon, keep an eye on your email to see if you won a Golden Card!

Join the GPK Trading Communities

There are many community resources for traders of GPK Cards, including:

If you have any questions, please join the WAX Telegram community here. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make blockchain history with us! We look forward to the next series.


Let us know what you think by joining the WAX community:




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