NEW: WAX Cloud Wallet has more features and a brand new look!

окт. 29, 2020
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WAX Cloud Wallet now offers more features and sports a brand new look! The WAX Cloud Wallet is the most user-friendly blockchain wallet out today, and we’ve added even more functionality to make it easier to navigate your NFT inventory, earn and claim rewards, and more. Visit to see the changes for yourself!

New features added to WAX Cloud Wallet:

  • A brand new and robust inventory and filtering system. Navigate your NFT inventory by searching by series, rarity, card ID, and more
  • Transfer NFTs directly from your inventory
  • A WAX News section
  • Vote for a proxy directly from your WCW and claim your staking rewards
  • A library of WAX dApps
  • View detailed NFT data directly in your WCW

Visit to try it out now, and let us know what you think by joining the WAX community:




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