NEW: dfuse will help developers create a better user experience on the WAX Blockchain

окт. 31, 2019
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You could build a fire without matches (see: Tom Hanks in Castaway), but it’s a hell of a lot easier if you have them available to you. That’s why we’re partnering up with companies like dfuse, to give developers as many useful tools as possible to make it simpler and faster to build on WAX.

WAX and dfuse have partnered up to offer a powerful suite of APIs to dApp developers who build on the WAX Blockchain, giving them the power to deliver premium user experiences.

dfuse is a platform that empowers dApp developers to build modern blockchain applications with fast, fluid interfaces that deliver exceptional user experiences. Bringing developers easy, real-time access to deep data from the chain will empower compelling dApp experiences, while at the same time decreasing development time and effort.

dfuse is deploying a full suite of powerful developer solutions to WAX that includes:

With dfuse, developers will be able to unleash the power of real-time UX to their dApps, unlocking new possibilities for their users.

dfuse’s listening tool - an easy way to listen to on-chain events

dfuse Co-Founder and CEO Marc-Antoine Ross believes WAX is a natural addition to the EOSIO and Ethereum blockchains that dfuse currently supports: “As the earliest adopters of digital assets and virtual currencies, gamers are often looked to as being the first massive market to adopt blockchain technology. And as the most promising platform in the gaming space, WAX is well-positioned to meet the needs of this large user base. dfuse looks forward to working with the WAX team to empower a large and growing network of dApp developers and enterprise partners that will deliver a ton of business value to mainstream users.”

"Building dApps can be a laborious process for developers, many of whom need the same basic features and functionalities," said Lukas Sliwka, CTO of WAX. "dfuse APIs, combined with WAX's fast-growing microservices layer, give developers the time-saving tools they need to create performant, scalable dApps."

About dfuse

dfuse, the blockchain API company, helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world’s decentralized data.

Powered by its low-latency architecture, its robust APIs make it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide irreversible transaction guarantees all for the first time using a simple API call. The company’s flagship products, dfuse Stream, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse Search and dfuse On Demand Networks, are available today and offer a suite of powerful features that make it easy for developers to customize and deliver first-rate user experiences.

The future of the Web is being built right now by blockchain pioneers who are revolutionizing the way companies, organizations and societies form, operate and interact. Permissionless innovation awaits.

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