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Items for two more Steam games are now tradable with WAX

марта 9, 2018

OPSkins this week added two more Steam games to their marketplace, Golf With Your Friends and Day of Infamy. Items for both games can now be traded with WAX Tokens.

Day of Infamy is a teamwork-oriented shooter game featuring 14 different levels based on World War II battles throughout Europe and 60 different weapons that are customizable.

Golf With Your Friends is a multiplayer miniature golf game played with up to 12 other players. It features a unique customization system that allows players to customize their ball by adding hats and different color trails that follow your ball during the match.

OPSkins also recently added support for ArmelloBallistic OverkillDepth, and Battalion 1944 items, all tradable with WAX.

OPSkins.com is WAX’s first customer, and the world’s largest marketplace for trading in-game digital items. The team behind OPSkins launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ in 2017 to enable gamers to buy, sell, trade, and rent these virtual items faster, easier, and cheaper.

WAX also enables a new generation of virtual asset traders, similar to how earlier online marketplaces enabled entrepreneurs to become power sellers, as it enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing.

Read more at https://wax.io and join the discussion on Telegram here.

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