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#BuildOnWAX: Tutorials for integrating the WAX Creator API

июля 23, 2019

As part of our #BuildOnWAX series, we'd like to highlight tutorials made by members of the WAX Community showing how to integrate the WAX Creator API.

The WAX Creator is a public API allows you to create items (and loot with random elements!) in real time and integrate them into a game, website, dApp, etc.

You can get your own API key on the account page of the WAX Creator. Now onto the tutorials...

WAX Creator API Tutorial #1

By: AlaDyn172

GitHub: https://github.com/AlaDyn172/WAXCreator-Tutorial


WAX Creator API Tutorial #2

By: Stacker84

GitHub: https://github.com/Stacker8/WAX-ICM-Tutorial

npm package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/waxcreator

WAX Creator API Tutorial #3

By: _kevin44_

GitHub: https://github.com/kevin-44/WAX_Creator_API_Integration

WAX Creator API Tutorial #4

By: dotHeyHey

GitHub: https://dotheyhey.github.io/WAX-Creator-API/

Stay tuned for more content about the #BuildOnWAX series, including project highlights, competitions, how-to's, and of course the upcoming developer portal.


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