Blockchain Heroes Launches on WAX this Saturday August 8!

авг. 6, 2020
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The highly anticipated NFT series "Blockchain Heroes" launches on WAX this Saturday August 8, 2020 @ 12pm EST! Get your WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) ready to buy packs before they sell out. Unlike past NFT sales, the pack sale will be entirely with WAX Tokens so you'll need those in your WCW to participate in the sale.

The series is brought to you by the hosts of the Bad Crypto podcast, none other than Joel Comm and Travis Wright, and features trading cards with slick art showing the likenesses of crypto and blockchain celebrities and personalities (including WAX co-founder William E. Quigley!).

Remind you of anyone ... ?

Recent pack sales on WAX have sold out in just nine minutes, and Blockchain Heroes is a super-hyped and highly anticipated series. For that reason, the Blockchain Heroes team chose to go with two phases to the pack sale:

1) Phase One - Takes place at 12 noon EST. 50% of both Hero and Titan Packs will be available in bundles and as individual packs at these two sites: - Bundles and individual packs - Individual packs only

2) Phase Two - Takes place at 1 pm EST. The remainder of available packs will be available in quantities and as individual purchases at, the official site for sales AND pack openings!

The trading cards and packs will all be traded on the WAX Blockchain.

Join the discussion on Telegram in the Blockchain Heroes channel and the WAX channel, and be sure to follow Blockchain Heroes on Twitter and WAX on Twitter for updates.

See you Saturday!

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