A look ahead: WAX in Q3 2019

июля 19, 2019
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Now that the WAX Blockchain mainnet and protocol token have successfully launched, we’d like to give the community an update on what to expect over the next few months. Overall, the WAX Team’s near-term goals are to ensure the WAX Blockchain continues to run smoothly, migrate all services running on the beta WAX Blockchain to the mainnet, and provide the community with additional resources that can be utilized to build upon the chain.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up during the remainder of Q3 2019:

Upgrade to EOSIO 1.8. The WAX Platform is committed to leading cutting-edge innovation of blockchain technologies to help developers build the best possible dApps and make it as easy as possible for customers to use them. As part of our ongoing commitment to offer the most capabilities possible to dApp developers, WAX will be upgrading to EOSIO version 1.8 the first week of August 2019.

Migrating WAX ExpressTrade and WAX NFTs to the WAX Blockchain. These are currently running on the beta WAX Blockchain and will begin to be moved to the mainnet.

Launching WAX Hive, a self-service developer portal for dApps to gain access to the WAX Service Layer APIs and documentation. These microservices deliver on all the functions that a well-designed marketplace needs in order to grow and scale, without a massive investment in infrastructure. Features of the WAX Hive will include tutorials, blog posts, code samples, and interactive OpenAPI Swagger documentation for each API.

Release of the WAX Protocol Whitepaper. This document describes in detail the WAX Protocol and how it fits within the WAX Platform.

Ensuring that all ERC-20 WAX Token holders successfully complete the WAX Token Swap before the deadline of August 30, 2019. Once the WAX Token Swap has ended, ERC-20 WAX Tokens will no longer be converted to WAX Protocol Tokens.

Identifying and resolving any potential bugs that may arise. The WAX Blockchain has been running smoothly since launch and we don’t anticipate future issues. However constant monitoring and stress testing is necessary to ensure the stability of the network, especially as we onboard more WAX microservices. Which brings us to our next point...

Pursuing and executing on strategic partnerships that add value to the WAX ecosystem.

Add new social login providers to WAX All Access. Customers will now have more options to choose from when logging into WAX affiliated sites, including WeChat, Twitch, and more.

Add support for avatar management to WAX All Access. This enables dApp customers to display their avatar when interacting with dApps and other participants of the WAX Blockchain, such as when playing games.

Enable universal settings for all WAX services.

Create a WAX Account on behalf of WAX Trade customers. This introduces non-blockchain users to dApp developers, and is a way to provide an otherwise inaccessible market to dApp developers. Customers who are users of WAX features, but who are not WAX Token holders, can have their NFTs recorded on the WAX Blockchain without having to use Scatter or another EOS-compatible wallet. It also increases transparency for on-chain transactions, since each NFT trade is recorded as a separate transaction rather than all NFT trades that occur between non-token holders coming from a single account.

Onboarding of new WAX Guilds to the WAX Blockchain.

Enhancements to the WAX Creator. More than 150,000 NFTs have already been created on the WAX Blockchain using the WAX Creator, and additional features and improvements will follow.

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