Worldwide Asset eXchange

Просто. Мгновенно. Безопасно. Глобально.

Самый безопасный и удобный способ для создания, покупки, продажи и обмена виртуальными товарами. Для каждого, в любой точке мира.

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Introducing the WAX Cloud Wallet: The Last Mile in Blockchain Has Been Solved

The WAX Cloud Wallet is unique because we’ve made it as simple to use any dApp as any app in the Apple App store. And it’s easy for developers to integrate with just a few lines of code.

WAX ON: Are big video game companies ready to adopt blockchain technology?

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WAX ON: The Origin Story of Tether (from its Co-founder, William Quigley)

Way back in the early days of crypto, William and his partners at the time co-founded a coin called Tether, which was designed to solve a number of common problems that plagued altcoin traders.

WAX ON: The 5 best use cases on Earth for blockchain technology

There’s no safer way to store your personal information and give limited access to it than on a blockchain. Instead of having it stored by hundreds of different sites with questionable security infrastructure, it’s safely sheltered from identity thieves.

WAX ON: CEO William Quigley sounds off on why Ethereum is just not suitable for video gaming

What are the reasons Ethereum should be near last on the list of blockchains to develop video game dApps on?

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Экосистема WAX

WAX разработан для обслуживания 400 миллионов онлайновых игроков, которые собирают, покупают и продают игровые цифровые предметы.

The WAX Developer Hive is now live!

WAX is the only blockchain with an easy-to-use service layer that saves time and lines of code.

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NEW: One of the most popular dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, 0xWarriors, is coming to WAX

0xGames, an open-economy game development company, is integrating the WAX Blockchain into both their arena RPG game 0xWarriors and race manager game 0xRacers in February, 2020.

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WAX and AIKON partner to bring more enterprise viability to the WAX Blockchain

WAX and AIKON are excited to announce a partnership that will bring AIKON’s ORE ID blockchain identity service to the WAX Blockchain, making it easy for developers and companies to get their customers using WAX.

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NEW: WAX and LiquidApps Release High-Powered Developer Tools

WAX and LiquidApps are excited to announce a collaboration that will make WAX a remarkably scalable and interoperable blockchain for decentralized applications.

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