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WAX, WAX Token, and WAX Platform

When referencing WAX Token and WAX Platform, always capitalize WAX and the T or P

  • WAX
  • Wax
  • wax
  • WAX Token
  • Wax Token
  • WAX token
  • wax token
  • WAX Platform
  • Wax Platform
  • WAX platform
  • wax platform

Crypto Collectibles™ and Worldwide Asset eXchange™

When referencing Crypto Collectibles™ and Worldwide Asset eXchange™, always include the trademark symbol and always capitalize the first letters of the first two words and the X in eXchange

  • Crypto Collectibles™
  • Crypto Collectibles
  • crypto collectibles™
  • Crypto collectibles™
  • Worldwide Asset eXchange™
  • Worldwide Asset eXchange
  • worldwide asset exchange™
  • Worldwide Asset Exchange™