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WAX Trade: A free, instant, peer-to-peer trading service for everyone

Nov. 21, 2018

What is WAX Trade?

WAX Trade is a free, instant, peer-to-peer trading service for anyone who trades items such as game codes and video game skins, or even physical items like electronics and baseball cards. Any digital or digitized item can be traded on WAX Trade.

It's the best way for anyone to trade almost any item with a friend, a stranger, or even a business.

WAX Trade was created by the team behind OPSkins, the leaders in the multi-billion dollar global item trading industry.

WAX Trade is perfect for item traders:

WAX Trade is built on blockchain technology. That means that all trades are absolutely secure and anyone in the world can instantly track the item's transaction status and history.

Trading with anyone in the world is safe and effortless because there is no need to ever prove an item's authenticity. The WAX blockchain produces a tamper-proof digital record of an item's chain of ownership. This digital record verifies when an item was traded and who owns it.

That means that sneaker collectors, video game players, and traders of all other items on WAX Trade never have to worry about not receiving an item or getting a counterfeit item.

WAX Trade is simple and convenient:

WAX Trade is the place to store your all of the digital or digitized items in your trading inventory.

Trade a VGO skin for a gift card or a pair of collectible sneakers. Or swap some game keys for a friend's CryptoKitty. Don't forget about those music downloads you haven't listened to in a while. They might be digital gold to someone else. If it can be traded, then WAX Trade is the safest and easiest place to do it.

Build WAX Trade into both new and existing marketplaces:

WAX Trade gives independent marketplaces a pipeline into the multi-billion dollar item trading industry.

Using the WAX Trade API, marketplaces of any size and any geography can easily give their customers access to the global WAX item trading market, not just the limited inventory available on their marketplace.

This makes it much easier for buyers to find those coveted rare items and much faster for sellers to match with suitable customers.

WAX Trade is perfect for video game developers:

Video game skins and other in-game tradable items are one category that can be traded on WAX Trade. WAX Trade enables game developers to immediately offer world class item trading services to their customers with minimal effort.

That's because this service gives game developers an easy way to create a thriving secondary market for their in-game items, and therefore enhancing the game experience for the rapidly growing global community of digital item buyers, sellers and collectors.

Start digital item trading today: https://wax.io/expresstrade/


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