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Tutorials: Adding WAX ExpressTrade and OPSkins OAuth to your website

Nov. 19, 2018
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It’s easier than ever to integrate services like WAX ExpressTrade and OPSkins OAuth into your website. Thanks to help from our community, we’ve compiled a list of highly detailed tutorials to help you get everything up and running in no time. Below you will find a library of resources that will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

WAX ExpressTrade Tutorials

Tutorial 1

By AlexDeveloping

Video 1: WAX ExpressTrade API 1 - Getting Started

Video 2: WAX ExpressTrade API 2 - Backend

Video 3: WAX ExpressTrade API 3 - Frontend

Written Tutorial: https://wax.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

GitHub: https://github.com/TheDevelopingAlex/WAX-ExpressTrade-API/blob/master/docs/source/index.rst

Tutorial 2

By Almatrass

Video: FREE VGO Trading Site Full setup guide

GitHub: https://github.com/almatrass/vgo-trade-site

Backup: vgo-trade-site-master.zip

Tutorial 3


Written Tutorial: https://dev.vgowiki.com/

Tutorial 4

By AlaDyn172

Video: How to integrate WAX ExpressTrade into your website

GitHub: https://github.com/Kevin-Reinke/WAX_ExpressTrade_Integration

Backup: AlaDyn172 WAXExpressTrade-Guide-master.zip

Tutorial 5

By Shimsho

Video: Wax Express Trade Integration

Tutorial 6


Video: Integrating WAX Expresstrade into a site

Tutorial 7

By Knuth

GitHub: Integrating WAX ExpressTrade Using Node.js

Backup: Expresstrade-master.zip

Tutorial 8

By BroCrASy

Video: WAX ExpressTrade Integration Tutorial

Tutorial 9

By Haris

Written Tutorial: How to Integrate WAX ExpressTrade Into a Website

Tutorial 10

By Mowrishdev

Video: WAX ExpressTrade Integration Basics

Tutorial 11

By CSGOAnalyst

Video: Integrating WAX ExpressTrade Into Your Website

Tutorial 12


GitHub: WAX ExpressTrade Guide

Backup: Guiolmar-WAXExpressTrade-Tutorial.zip

Tutorial 13

By Propernator

Video: How to Integrate WAX ExpressTrade Into a Website

Tutorial 14 [FR]

By Nathan Loisel

Video: Intégrer facilement Express Trade à votre site.mp4

Tutorial 15 [ES]

By Yasin

Video: Cómo Integrar WAX ExpressTrade En Un Sitio Web.mp4

Tutorial 16 [CH]

Video: wax极速交易接入网站接口调用演示 - 2.0

OAuth Tutorials

Tutorial 1

By RealAlmatrass

Video: OPSkins OAuth node.js implementation

Tutorial 2

By Luuk OneTap

Video: How to use OPSkins OAuth with NodeJS and Express

Tutorial 3

By CryptoIsTheBest

Video: How to use OAuth with OPSkins API


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