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Robot Cache x WAX: A giveaway to kick off our partnership

Apr. 2, 2019

Robot Cache and WAX have partnered up, and are kicking off with a giveaway of Robot Cache WAX Stickers!

Robot Cache is a blockchain-based PC game marketplace where gamers can buy and play games, mine for currency, and resell their digital games when they’re done. As part of our strategic partnership, the WAX community will be part of the Robot Cache Early Access service when it goes live, will have an opportunity to earn free IRON, and more.

Earn a Robot Cache WAX Sticker just for participating in the first official Robot Cache X WAX event, and if you answer the questions correctly you earn yourself a special edition Gold version.


  • Follow @RobotCache and @wax_io on Twitter
  • Retweet this tweet, and comment #RCxWAX and your WAX ExpressTrade URL
  • Answer the questions in this form

Contest ends on Friday April 5, 2019 @ 5pm EST.

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