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WAX to deploy EOS version 1.8

Jul 18, 2019
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Update 8/12/19: WAX has activated EOS v1.8.1. This documentation describes the WAX upgrade process for Guilds and Full Nodes from v1.5.2 to v1.8.1.


The WAX Platform is committed to leading cutting-edge innovation of blockchain technologies to help developers build the best possible dApps and make it as easy as possible for customers to use them. As part of our ongoing commitment to offer the most capabilities possible to dApp developers, WAX will be upgrading to EOSIO version 1.8 the first week of August 2019. Are you a dApp developer who wants to build on the newest version of EOSIO? Duplicate your existing EOS dApp on WAX or build a new one today.

Offering the benefits of v1.8 before other major chains upgrade is just one example of WAX taking the lead in blockchain technology. The WAX Service Layer, a full suite of blockchain-based tools and services that allow the community to build projects on WAX, is one other example.

Benefits of WAX upgrading to EOSIO version 1.8

- Billing first authorizer of a transaction: with this upgrade, dApp developers can create alternate resource billing models for Network and CPU so that their customers do not need to stake for those resources in order to interact with dApp services. This is a highly valuable feature because it will become easier for customers to use dApps.

- Modify RAM billing: this upgrade solidifies improvements regarding loopholes in RAM billing related to deferred transactions and notifications. It also allows dApp developers to find efficient means for shuffling RAM usage around so that RAM usage can be minimized for a dApp’s customers or when a developer needs to migrate table data.

- WAX will be a live demonstration of the first consensus upgrade since EOS launched. EOSIO developers can use the upgraded WAX Blockchain as a test net to stress test their projects before EOS upgrades in September. dApps can deploy on WAX and be ready for the EOS upgrade nearly two months before it occurs.

- WAX will showcase the value of v1.8 to the global video gaming audience since it will be used by our existing customer base and partners.

- Messaging on the WAX Blockchain via Voice, a Block.One platform, will be possible due to the upgrade to v1.8 with some limitations.

- Significant enhancements that enable the ability to better manage, upgrade and control protocol features.

- Introducing mechanisms allowing better protocol and blockchain management.

- Introducing a new framework allowing for automatic upgrades and activation of protocol features by WAX Guilds. This framework reduces the complexity of future protocol upgrades, and it leverages WAX on-chain proposal and proposal voting protocols to activate features included in this and future releases.

- Includes several critical security fixes to the individual protocol components that now can be activated individually, as well as chain economy fixes to how RAM and CPU is allocated and deallocated.

- Introduces irreversible read mode, allowing to read only fully confirmed and irreversible transactions.

- State history plugin promoted to a STABLE PRODUCT that is ready for use in production environments.

Are you a dApp developer who’s interested in building on WAX? Duplicate your existing EOS dApp on WAX or build a new one today.

dApp Resources:

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How to launch an EOS dApp on WAX in six easy steps

WAX ExpressTrade API

WAX Creator

Video tutorials showing how to integrate the WAX ExpressTrade API



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