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WAX, FaZe Clan and RTFKT introduce augmented-reality e-commerce to the blockchain at E3

Jun 13, 2019

Today WAX announces an exciting new partnership with RTFKT, a new augmented-reality (AR) e-commerce company that will run on the WAX Blockchain.

RTFTK unveiled its first AR sneakers during a soft launch at E3 and it was a showstopper at the world’s premier event for video games. FaZe Clan, the most popular eSports organization in the world, helped usher in the era of AR e-commerce on the blockchain with the RTFKT and WAX team members.

WAX and FaZe Clan, the most popular eSports organization in the world, introducing AR sneakers on the blockchain with RTFKT
The RTFKT team displaying their first hypercraft augmented-reality sneaker with WAX and FaZe Clan members at E3

RTFKT (pronounced “ARTIFACT”) is the world’s first AR e-commerce sneakerhead brand, blending the obsession of sneaker collecting with designs and distribution inspired by skin drops in video games.

“All of our limited edition custom sneakers will be minted on the WAX Blockchain. Every physical shoe we sell will also come with a unique digital copy stored on the WAX Blockchain. People will be able to instantly trade the digital copy,” says Zaptio, CEO and co-founder of RTFKT. "No more waiting for the shoes to be shipped to you - you get the digital version of the shoe straight away. Trade them, sell them or gift them immediately. Take delivery of the physical shoe later. It’s a crazy new brand concept.”

RTFKT's AR sneakers were demo’d on Snapchat by members of the FaZe Clan team to great excitement among the E3 attendees. See a demo of AR e-commerce and the WAX Marketplace in a Snapchat story here:


RTFKT is a new hypercraft luxury fashion brand that is inspired by two of the most popular consumer trends - streetwear fashion and video gaming. All RTFKT merchandise will have an augmented reality digital twin on the WAX Blockchain.

The team behind RTFKT are design, eSports, and luxury brand tastemakers. RTFKT head of design Chris Le created iconic video game skins in mega hit games like CS:GO and Fortnite. He designed the showcase sneaker for top esports team Fnatic, and is well known for many other creative projects. Zaptio is one of the world’s top custom sneaker designers having designed one of a kind shoes for Mortal Kombat II and Foot Locker. Other members of the RTFKT team bring deep eSports, e-commerce, and video game experience.

Watch the E3 interview below with Coin Boys, featuring Zaptio and Evan Vandenberg, Senior Business Development Manager for WAX:

RTFKT’s limited edition merchandise will be released to the public once a month, and will be wearable in both AR and the real world. By applying the same level of hypercraftsmanship to the virtual versions of their sneakers as they have to the physical versions, RTFKT has ensured that their customers can flex their ultra rare shoes in both the physical and the virtual worlds. The sneakers will range in price from $300 to $3,000.

RTFKT Augmented-Reality Sneakers Available for Pre-Order on WAX:

A rendering of the Bloodhound | Nike Air Jordan 4

Pre-orders for Omega Vans are filled exclusively on OPSkins, a WAX-powered marketplace, and only 40 pairs are available for purchase during this drop. No more Omega Vans will ever be produced once the drop sells out. If you miss out on the drop, the only way to get a pair is through WAX. Click here to get yours before they’re sold out!Buyers will immediately receive their RTFKT sneakers digitally in the form of a WAX non-fungible token (NFT) that is minted on the WAX Blockchain where it can then be bought, sold, or traded. The token can be redeemed for the physical shoes in just a few clicks.

Omega Vans can be pre-ordered exclusively on OPSkins, a WAX-powered marketplace, Pre-order here.

Watch the video that shows both the physical and AR versions of an RTFKT sneaker at E3:

RTFKT and WAX are at E3 in Los Angeles. Find us at booth 4554 in the West Hall!


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