The WAX Blockchain mainnet and Protocol Tokens are now live! Swap before August 30, 2019

WAX is now on Lynx wallet's iOS and Android apps (and desktop coming soon!)

Jul 23, 2019

WAX and Lynx, the first desktop and mobile crypto wallet designed for everyday users, are working together to bring WAX Blockchain to the Lynx Ecosystem, including support for the WAX vIRL non-fungible token standard.

“We have already successfully integrated WAX Blockchain to the Lynx mobile wallets,” said CEO of Lynx, Fred Krueger. “The WAX Blockchain integration will go a step further by including support on Android and desktop for the WAX vIRL standard, a hugely popular non-fungible token format for physical goods such as sneakers and consumer electronics.”

WAX Protocol Token holders can now store their WAX on Lynx and use the Android and iOS wallets to vote and stake. We anticipate this will be the first of many partnerships with the best of the EOS and WAX communities to bring the value to both communities.

To get started, download the app and import your WAX account.

“The WAX Blockchain currently processes over 400,000 transactions daily, all of which correspond to users trading virtual goods, including in-game skins and vIRLs,” said Malcolm CasSelle, Strategic Advisor at WAX. “These numbers are in the same ballpark as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, WAX is processing worth of 1 million dollars daily in transaction volume — showing the huge appeal of virtual goods.”

Lynx’s core mission is to bring the best user experience to the active blockchain dApp ecosystem. By integrating the WAX ecosystem more closely into the mainstream EOS decentralized wallet framework, users of both communities will benefit.


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