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Tutorials: Adding WAX ExpressTrade and OPSkins OAuth to your website

Nov 19, 2018

It’s easier than ever to integrate services like WAX ExpressTrade and OPSkins OAuth into your website. Thanks to help from our community, we’ve compiled a list of highly detailed tutorials to help you get everything up and running in no time. Below you will find a library of resources that will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. If you have additional questions simply create a ticket with our support team under General Inquiries.

WAX ExpressTrade Tutorials

Tutorial 1

By AlexDeveloping

Video 1: WAX ExpressTrade API 1 - Getting Started

Video 2: WAX ExpressTrade API 2 - Backend

Video 3: WAX ExpressTrade API 3 - Frontend

Written Tutorial:


Tutorial 2

By Kevin Reinke



Tutorial 3

By Almatrass

Video: FREE VGO Trading Site Full setup guide



Tutorial 4


Written Tutorial:

Tutorial 5

By AlaDyn172

Video: How to integrate WAX ExpressTrade into your website


Backup: AlaDyn172

Tutorial 6

By Shimsho

Video: Wax Express Trade Integration

Tutorial 7


Video: Integrating WAX Expresstrade into a site

Tutorial 8

By Knuth

GitHub: Integrating WAX ExpressTrade Using Node.js


Tutorial 9

By BroCrASy

Video: WAX ExpressTrade Integration Tutorial

Tutorial 10

By Haris

Written Tutorial: How to Integrate WAX ExpressTrade Into a Website

Tutorial 11

By Mowrishdev

Video: WAX ExpressTrade Integration Basics

Tutorial 12

By CSGOAnalyst

Video: Integrating WAX ExpressTrade Into Your Website

Tutorial 13


GitHub: WAX ExpressTrade Guide


Tutorial 14

By Propernator

Video: How to Integrate WAX ExpressTrade Into a Website

Tutorial 15 [French]

By Nathan Loisel

Video: Intégrer facilement Express Trade à votre site

Tutorial 16 [Spanish]

By Yasin

Video: Cómo Integrar WAX ExpressTrade En Un Sitio Web

Tutorial 17 [Chinese]

Video: wax极速交易接入网站接口调用演示 - 2.0

OAuth Tutorials

Tutorial 1

By RealAlmatrass

Video: OPSkins OAuth node.js implementation

Tutorial 2

By Luuk OneTap

Video: How to use OPSkins OAuth with NodeJS and Express

Tutorial 3

By CryptoIsTheBest

Video: How to use OAuth with OPSkins API


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