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Trade in-game items for two more Steam games with WAX Tokens

Mar 16, 2018
Items for Space Engineers and Business Tour are tradable with WAX
Items for Space Engineers and Business Tour are tradable with WAX announced that items for two more Steam games — Space Engineers and Business Tour — are now tradable on the marketplace with WAX Tokens!

Both games feature their own unique collection of in-game digital items. Millions of items for 19 games can now be bought and sold using WAX Tokens. Buyers can deposit WAX Tokens and use their WAX account balance to purchase items. Sellers can choose to accept the proceeds from their item sales in the form of WAX Tokens, and then either use those funds to purchase items on or withdraw them to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

WAX is still in it’s very early stages, as the current ERC-20 token is not the final version of WAX. The final version is a custom blockchain and protocol token that will enable all of the unique features of WAX including buying and selling items through the use of smart contracts, sharing fee income among multiple parties, pegged asset contracts managing volatility, pledging to guilds, enabling exchange widgets, and more. is WAX’s first customer, and the world’s largest marketplace for trading in-game digital items. The team behind OPSkins launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ in 2017 to enable gamers to buy, sell, trade, and rent these virtual items faster, easier, and cheaper.


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