The WAX Developer Portal is Now Live: Start Building on WAX Today

The WAX Blockchain mainnet is live! Here are the 7 things you need to know.

Jun 30, 2019

The WAX Blockchain mainnet and WAX Protocol Tokens are now live! Here are the 7 things you need to know about what comes next:

Swap your ERC-20 WAX Tokens for Genesis WAX Protocol Tokens until August 30, 2019:

You can begin swapping your ERC-20 WAX Tokens for Genesis WAX Protocol Tokens now. The WAX Token swap period ends on August 30, 2019 at 5pm Pacific Time.

To learn more about the WAX Token Swap including how to get started, click here.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive GBM Rewards from the WAX Token Swap, you must create your own WAX Blockchain account and process the Token Swap individually. Do not allow any third-party to perform the WAX Token Swap on your behalf if you wish to claim your GBM Token Swap Rewards!

When you swap your ERC-20 WAX Tokens during the WAX Token Swap, you will become part of the Genesis Block Member (GBM) Program and receive Genesis WAX Protocol Tokens. GBM participants will receive daily token rewards for three years. You can click "Claim Rewards" in your WAX Account dashboard, which moves your GBM Rewards to unstaked tokens, and moves your WAX Staking Rewards into the GBM Program. Once you unstake tokens, you will have to wait three days for those tokens to be transferred from your staked balance to your unstaked balance, at which point you can transfer them at will.

To re-stake your tokens, visit your Scatter wallet and click on Linked Accounts.

For more information about the GBM program, visit: Introducing the Genesis Block Member Program: Join and receive daily token rewards for 3 years

WAX Guild Candidate Criteria:

21 WAX Guilds will produce blocks on the WAX Blockchain, and 36 standby guilds will be added in the future. For your candidacy to be considered by the WAX Community, please visit the WAX Guild Candidate Criteria page here:

The $25,000 #BuildOnWAX competition:

Build a dApp on WAX or duplicate an existing EOS dApp onto WAX, and you can be one of the three prize winners and earn up to $10,000! Get the full details here:

How to launch an EOS dApp on WAX in six easy steps:

EOS dApp developers easily duplicate their dApp onto WAX with just a few clicks, and immediately gain access to WAX Token holders and millions of OPSkins customers. For more information, click here:

WAX GitHub:

The WAX Source Code Repository can be found here:

WAX Service Layer:

The WAX Service Layer is a full suite of blockchain-based tools and services that allow the community to build projects on WAX. From dApps developers to marketplace owners, video game creators, collectible traders and more, the following microservices will be available at launch:

WAX Creator: a self-service tool that allows anyone to create an NFT on the WAX Blockchain for free

WAX Account: similar to a wallet, except that it doesn’t store private keys, and provides more utility than a standard wallet

WAX All Access: a single sign-on and OAUTH service

WAX ExpressTrade: a free, instant peer-to-peer trading service

WAX Marketplace: create your own WAX Marketplace with our API or use

WAX Explorer: unlike any block explorer you’ve seen before, featuring a user-friendly design, a visual representation of every item traded, and multiple 3D viewing and interactive features.

WAX Random Number Generator native blockchain service: an open source service that solves problems commonly experienced by dApp developers

WAX Seller Central: a self-service portal that game sellers can use to earn 10% of the commission every time their game re-sells to someone else

What’s next:

Towards the end of July, we will begin migrating WAX ExpressTrade transactions and WAX NFTs to the WAX Blockchain, so please allow a few weeks for the WAX Explorer to be updated with that activity. We’ll be releasing much more information and resources in the near future and beyond. This includes a WAX Protocol Whitepaper, additions to the WAX Service Layer, a developer portal, and more features for WAX Token holders and developers. Stay tuned!

Resources and more information:

Earn more WAX: Introducing WAX Staking Rewards, Staking and Voting, Guilds and more

Staking and Voting on WAX: A Technical Deep-Dive

How to link your WAX Blockchain account to a Scatter wallet and swap your ERC-20 Tokens for WAX Protocol Tokens

All WAX Blockchain mainnet release and token swap news

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