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The Top 10 Reasons to Run dApps on WAX

May 30, 2019
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For all news related to the WAX Blockchain mainnet and protocol token release, click here.

On June 30, 2019, the best platform for digital goods is launching.

The WAX Blockchain is more than just a blockchain. It’s a platform encompassing a suite of microservices designed to make creating, buying, selling and trading virtual items and tokenized assets fast, inexpensive, and easy. Our microservices are built for dApp developers. Whether you’re a developer trying to select which blockchain to build your dApp on, or if you have an existing dApp on EOS or another blockchain, WAX offers the tools to maximize your profits while delighting your customers.

Here are the top 10 reasons for developers to run their dApps on WAX:

Why should developers run their dApps on WAX?

1. NFTs can be traded for fiat

Your dApps NFTs can be sold and purchased on OPSkins (and other WAX Marketplaces in the future) with credit cards and other fiat currency methods, or crypto.

2. Fully backward compatible with EOS

Easily duplicate your EOS dApp onto WAX with just a few clicks. Immediately gain access to WAX Token holders and OPSkins customers, and exposure to a video gaming community that’s already using RNG-based dApps and trading NFTs.

Launching an EOS dApp on WAX is super simple. To duplicate your dApp on to WAX, point your cleos application to WAX nodes rather than the EOS nodes, and execute the same deployment command. Then stake your WAX Tokens to allocate the necessary resources, all in the same fashion as EOS.

3. Dedicated technical and business support

Successful dApps can communicate directly with our team in a dedicated Slack channel.

4. Joint marketing to OPSkins customer base

Assistance promoting your dApp to OPSkins Marketplace’s 6.5 million existing customers who are game players, fast adopters of new technology, and crypto enthusiasts.

5. Lower cost than running on EOS

There are several ways that running a dApp on WAX is less expensive than running on EOS or other chains:

Free accounts: Customers who sign up for a WAX Account are automatically assigned a WAX Blockchain account. On EOS, dApp developers must pay a fee of 3KB RAM for every new user account. But on WAX, it’s free. To prevent spam, accounts are secured with 2FA.

WAX Staking Rewards offset the cost of system resources: Developers can earn rewards in the form of more WAX Tokens while running their dApp. By voting regularly for WAX Guilds and standby guilds, dApp developers not only contribute to the selection of quality block producers which supports the overall health of the WAX Blockchain, they also earn more WAX Tokens every day. These rewards are called WAX Staking Rewards, and are one type of rewards that dApp developers can earn. Details about how staked WAX Tokens produce more WAX Tokens can be found here, here, and here.

Cheaper resources: The Bancor Algorithm, which is used on EOS to determine the price of RAM, results in units of the underlying token. Because the price of WAX is lower than EOS, the RAM leasing price on WAX will also be lower.

6. Compatible with Scatter and other wallets

7. Transactions are free

8. Transactions are fast

The WAX Blockchain uses DPoS as its consensus mechanism and features nearly instant (500 millisecond block times) transaction speeds.

9. WAX RNG Native Blockchain Service

With the WAX RNG Native Blockchain Service, dApp developers can integrate a provably fair random number generator without having to dedicate the time and effort to build one themselves. Your customers will have more confidence in an open source blockchain-based RNG service that has been subjected to technical scrutiny and frequent use across many other dApps. You can learn more about the WAX RNG Native Blockchain Service here.

10. Microservices available post-launch

The features and services listed above will be live as of June 30, 2019 when the WAX Blockchain and protocol token launch. But that’s just the beginning. The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ is creating a suite of blockchain-based microservices designed specifically for dApp developers so that you can create the best possible user experience for your customers. Three of these microservices are already live and in use by WAX today. In the next few months, these three services will be made available as microservices to dApp developers launching their dApp on the WAX Blockchain.

Rapid customer on-boarding with WAX All Access

This SSO and OAUTH service enables customers to access any WAX-powered website by logging in with Facebook, Google, Steam, or by creating a WAX All Access username and password. Learn more about WAX All Access here.

WAX All Access Login

Trade NFTs and skins on WAX ExpressTrade

WAX ExpressTrade is a free, instant, peer-to-peer trading service for anyone who trades items such as game codes and video game skins, or even tokenized physical items like electronics and baseball cards. Any digital or tokenized item can be traded on WAX ExpressTrade. Learn more about WAX ExpressTrade here.

View NFTs in 3D on WAX Explorer

This block explorer is unlike any you’ve seen before. The explorer is user-friendly and provides a rich visual image of every NFT item traded on the WAX Blockchain. It also has multiple 3D viewing and interactive features.

Learn more about the WAX Explorer here.

The WAX Explorer


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Disclaimer: WAX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, change, edit, alter, delete and/or replace the terms of the launch of, and other information concerning, the WAX Mainnet found in this post at any time and without notice. You are encouraged to check the latest information on the launch of the WAX Mainnet on the WAX website at

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