Topps NFTs are now trading on WAX! Card Packs sold out in just 28 hours

The SimpleAssets NFT contract is now deployed on the WAX Blockchain

Sep 6, 2019
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The SimpleAssets NFT contract is now deployed on the WAX Blockchain. Now, dApps that incorporate NFTs can begin using the SimpleAssets contract to manage their assets.

Additionally, non-blockchain based applications that support direct WAX Blockchain interaction can use the SimpleAssets NFT creation and management capabilities.

This means that dApps and applications that use WAX services can do things like create NFTs that are unique, rare, etc. per the SimpleAssets standard, and these NFTs trade on - and are secured by - the WAX Blockchain.

SimpleAssets will continue to be integrated into WAX Services related to NFTs, including the WAX Creator and our giftbox infrastructure.

For more information about SimpleAssets NFT Standard, visit their website:


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