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A Sneak Peek of WAX Account Features!

The WAX Account is similar to a wallet, except that it doesn’t store private keys. Your WAX Account is designed to provide more utility than a standard wallet and we will be rolling out additional feature enhancements.

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Staking and Voting on WAX: A Technical Deep-Dive

Our WAX Blockchain Development team takes you through a technical deep-dive of WAX Block Rewards, staking and voting, and guilds including how WAX differs from EOS in the areas of staking and voting, calculating stake weight and more

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Earn more WAX: Introducing WAX Staking Rewards, Staking and Voting, Guilds and more

WAX Block Rewards is the voting and rewards system that we’ve designed to increase community participation in the selection of guilds and improvement proposals.

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Introducing the Genesis Block Member Program: Join and receive daily token rewards for 3 years

We have some exciting news for WAX Token holders. As part of the WAX Token Swap and mainnet release, we have created the Genesis Block Member program (GBM).

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The WAX Blockchain Mainnet and Protocol Tokens Are Coming

The highly anticipated WAX Blockchain mainnet and protocol token release is coming soon. Watch the video to learn more & join our community for future updates.

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