The WAX Developer Portal is Now Live: Start Building on WAX Today

NEW: Log into your WAX Account with Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and more

It’s now even easier to log into dApps that run on WAX and your WAX Account. Seven new login methods have been added to WAX All Access, which means you can start using your favorite WAX sites and services just by logging into WeChat, Twitter, Discord, VK

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WAX ON: The Origin Story of Tether (from its Co-founder, William Quigley)

Way back in the early days of crypto, William and his partners at the time co-founded a coin called Tether, which was designed to solve a number of common problems that plagued altcoin traders.

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WAX is a proud sponsor of the Celebrity eSports challenge. Watch and participate to earn prizes on WAX!

The Celebrity eSports Challenge begins tomorrow, and WAX is giving viewers the opportunity to earn prizes while they watch the action. The Challenge will be promoted on FOX Sports where it’s expected to reach more than 450 million video gamers

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WAX ON: The 5 best use cases on Earth for blockchain technology

There’s no safer way to store your personal information and give limited access to it than on a blockchain. Instead of having it stored by hundreds of different sites with questionable security infrastructure, it’s safely sheltered from identity thieves.

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WAX ON: The blockchain is the worst possible way to do just about anything. But...

Blockchain? Terrible. Also, amazing. Basically, it’s a trade-off. Like pretty much every other kind of technology out there, blockchain has pros and cons. Watch William's latest episode of WAX ON to get his full thoughts on the pros and cons of blockchain.

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