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NEW: Docker Quickstarts on the WAX Developer Hive help developers build projects faster on WAX

Nov 5, 2019
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The WAX Blockchain team has added a new Quickstart to the WAX Developer Hive to help developers build projects faster on the WAX Blockchain.

The Docker Quickstart provides documentation on WAX Docker images, which make it easy and fast to run the WAX Blockchain, and to build and deploy smart contracts.

Docker is a container platform that’s similar to a virtual machine. Docker allows you to run software, applications, and even operating systems like Ubuntu from an isolated container so you don’t have to install it locally. Refer to Docker’s Overview guide to learn more.

Our development and production Docker images provide a fast, easy way to run the WAX Blockchain in minutes. You can also use our Docker images to build and deploy smart contracts.

Using our Docker environment offers the following benefits:

  • Adds convenience and speed to your development efforts
  • Eliminates the need to manage source code
  • Eliminates the need to meet our Supported Operating Systems requirements
  • Doesn’t overwrite an existing installation of EOSIO
  • Makes it easy to upgrade and try out new features
  • Makes it easy to switch between production and development environments

The Docker Quickstart is in addition to the other Quickstart guides we released a few weeks ago. Visit the WAX Developer Hive to start building on the WAX Blockchain today.


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