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NEW: Create templates for the WAX Creator and you'll get paid if we accept your design

Aug 26, 2019

Introducing a brand new WAX Creator design program! Create new templates for WAX Collectibles cards based on the criteria below and you’ll earn $100 if we accept your design. We will be accepting multiple templates and you may submit as many designs as you'd like.

We have a standard format for design templates, so please read the following requirements and ensure that your design submission meets them. You can download example templates here.


  • The template must have areas to contain the following components:

- Card base image

- Card name

- Card description

- Card collection name (which may be empty depending on whether the creator chooses this option when making a card)

  • The template must have multiple customization options such as colors, symbols, shapes, frames, etc. to result in a wide variety of card options per template.
  • The resolution is 1350x2047.
  • Submit original artwork only. If your design is accepted, we'll ask you to provide the photoshop and/or .ai files that show you're the original author of the template.
  • Name your template (preferably one word like "Sports")
  • If your design is accepted, you'll need to provide the final .png files following the exact same format, resolution, and naming convention present in the example templates available here. All the files must have the same resolution (1350x2047) even for small parts of the template. The naming convention follows this format: 'step_{n}_composite_{option_name}.png' (refer to the example templates).

We strongly suggest that you try the WAX Collectible Card Creator first, to better understand how the templates will be used!

Submit your entry:

To submit your template designs for consideration, tweet an image of the design to @wax_io with #WAXCreator and #WAXtemplate. We'll be accepting designs over the next few weeks (and perhaps longer!)

Current template, “Sports V1”
Current template, “Classic V1”


Let us know what you think by joining the WAX community:




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