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Introducing: The $5,000 Streamer Giveaway

Nov 5, 2018
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Update 1/13/18: #WAXonStream is now 24/7! Streamers, tweet us with #WAXonStream when you're live any day, any time, for a chance to earn donations from Team WAX (must have the WAX Streamer Overlay installed).

Introducing #WAXonStream Giveaways!

To celebrate the launch of our new stream feature, we’re rewarding streamers who adopt it by giving away WAX Keys, VGO Skins, and NFTs while you’re on stream! You can then use these however you wish, or sell or instant-sell them on and cashout. We’ll be giving away thousands of dollars in prizes every week to streamers who use the feature.

ExpressTrade Badge for Profile Pages
ExpressTrade Badge for Profile Pages

All you need to do is follow the four easy steps below to integrate the feature onto your profile page. Then tweet to @WAX_io and @OPSkinsGO with #WAXonStream when you’re live. It doesn’t matter how many viewers you have, 1 or 1 million. Every streamer is eligible.

How to install WAX ExpressTrade overlay

Setting up on Twitch:

  1. Visit your WAX ExpressTrade settings here:
  2. Copy your unique overlay URL and save the Profile Panel Image
  3. Add the Profile Panel Image to your profile and link it to your WAX ExpressTrade URL
  4. Paste your overlay URL as your browser source into your OBS, Streamlabs, or any streaming software

Setting up on YouTube:

  1. Visit your WAX ExpressTrade settings here:
  2. Copy your Trade URL and add it to your livestream description
  3. Copy and paste your overlay URL as your browser source into your OBS, Streamlabs, or any streaming software

The WAX community team will be gifting WAX Keys, VGO skins, NFTs and eventually WAX Stickers and even IRL items.

Video Tutorial Explaining How To Install WAX ExpressTrade Overlay on OBS

It’s a win-win: you integrate a brand new way to earn money into your stream, and you have the chance to win some valuable prizes.

Reaction clips from any donations received via the WAX ExpressTrade feature (including items gifted by your audience) are also eligible for prizes. Just tweet the reaction video to us with #WAXonStream and you’re in the running!

The first round of #WAXonStream giveaways starts November 10th at 12 PM EST and will go until 5 PM EST, so integrate the WAX ExpressTrade feature into your stream today and get ready to start earning!

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