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Introducing the Team WAX Interview Series!

Oct 24, 2018
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Introducing the Team WAX Interview Series, where Devi Omega sits with members of the WAX Team to talk about what they're working on, their vision for their departments and the company, what's coming up next, and more! Watch the videos here, and stay tuned for future videos in this series.

Episode 1: Senior Business Development Manager, Evan Vandenberg

In the first episode, Devi Omega interviews Senior Business Development Manager Evan Vandenberg. Evan and Devi discuss what life is like today in the WAX Biz Dev team, what's coming up that he's most excited about, and more.

Episode 2: Senior Agile Coach, Alex Dow

Added 10/30/18: In episode two, Devi Omega interviews Senior Agile Coach. Alex Dow. Watch it here:

Episode 3: Online Marketing Manager, Matt Duea

Added 10/30/18: In episode three, Devi Omega interviews Online Marketing Manager Matt Duea. Devi and Matt talk about WAX's current marketing efforts, what the draw is when working for WAX and how he got started, and more.

Episode 4: Chief Technology Officer, Lukas Sliwka

Added 11/6/18: In episode four, Devi Omega interviews CTO Lukas Sliwka. Devi and Lukas talk about what makes WAX and OPSkins exciting, applying the blockchain to an e-commerce environment, why he joined WAX, and more:

Episode 5: Senior Linux Engineer, Mark Wheatley

Added 11/13/18: In episode five, Devi Omega interviews Senior Linux Engineer Mark Wheatley. Devi and Mark talk about the technical infrastructure behind WAX, and what it takes behind the scenes to run a global platform to customer's and developer's satisfaction.

Episode 6: Director of Client Relations, Jassy Jackson

Added 11/19/18: In episode six, Devi Omega interviews Jassy Jackson, Director of Client Relations at WAX and OPSkins. Jassy talks about the research and methods that the customer service team utilizes to ensure customers are getting the best possible service, what excites her most about what we're building with blockchain technology, what sets WAX apart from other companies, and more.

Episode 7: Senior Product Manager, Andrew Paget

Added 11/27/18: In episode seven, Devi Omega interviews Andrew Paget, Senior Product Manager at WAX. Who works on bringing our leadership's ideas into products for WAX customers to enjoy, and how to turn blockchain into meaningful use into everyday life, and more.


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