The WAX Developer Portal is Now Live: Start Building on WAX Today

Interested in building on WAX? Watch CEO William Quigley as he presents why WAX is the best blockchain for dApps

Aug 2, 2019

Interested in building on WAX? Watch CEO William Quigley live as he walks through why WAX is the best blockchain for dApps and answers questions from the community.

In this video you'll learn:

- How two of the largest dApps in the world found success on WAX

- What are the advantages of building on WAX

- How the WAX Service Layer makes it easier for developers to build dApps and for their customers to use them

- How the WAX Blockchain was designed to make dApps successful

To duplicate existing EOS dApps on WAX in just 6 easy steps, click here:

To see the WAX Guild Candidate Criteria, click here:


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