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How to link your WAX Blockchain account to a Scatter wallet and swap your ERC-20 Tokens for WAX Protocol Tokens

Jun 26, 2019
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To help WAX Token holders perform the WAX Token Swap, we've created three video tutorials below. Visit http://account.wax.io/ and then follow the instructions in the videos.

Important Notes:

- In order to receive GBM Rewards from the WAX Token Swap, you must create your own WAX Blockchain account and process the Token Swap individually. Do not allow any third-party to perform the WAX Token Swap on your behalf if you wish to claim your GBM Token Swap Rewards!

- Download Scatter v11 here


Watch the video tutorials below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in our Telegram!

How to link your WAX Blockchain account to a Scatter wallet (if you do not have a Ledger hardware wallet)

How to link your WAX Blockchain account to a Scatter wallet and store your private keys on a Ledger hardware wallet

How to swap your WAX ERC-20 Tokens for WAX Protocol Tokens


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