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Brian Fargo: Blockchain will innovate the entire gaming industry

Dec 14, 2017

WAX sat down with legendary game developer Brian Fargo to gather his thoughts on WAX, blockchain and gaming:

My interest in WAX began with the greatest white paper I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot of them!). The huge number of direct transactions possible is not only incredible to witness, but also fuels the success of a token.

When you decentralize something, you get rid of the middleman, and facilitate a mutually beneficial direct exchange.

A Win-Win for Gamers

There are going to be multiple benefits to gamers because of the blockchain, and, for me, WAX is the beginning of a wave of innovation for the entire industry.

It’s true that, with a centralized approach, you can do many of the same things you can do when you’re decentralized.

However, removing the middleman means the gamer will end up with more money. Prices should come down, as there is no middleman taking a percentage, and the seller will get a larger chunk of the revenue.

Gamers are altruistic; they don’t mind their community making more money. So, I see it as a win-win for both creator and community.

This will lessen the friction when you see something from a streamer, and can click and buy that item.

Blockchain as a New Economic Foundation

The underlying technology of WAX is the blockchain. While off-putting to some because it is new, and there are numerous industries in which blockchain is just beginning to take hold, the concept behind WAX has evolved beyond simply theoretical.

OPSkins, as the first WAX customer, will apply the technology to its built-in audience of millions, who will easily manage the transition to a blockchain marketplace. Businesses like these will be a natural pivot for WAX.

I’ve seen the light when it comes to blockchain, and how it can become a major disruptive source in a lot of industries. I’m really impressed with the team WAX brought together, both internally, and with OPSkins. So, from an educational perspective, advising WAX is a great opportunity for me to be in on the ground floor, with people who have a very smart business model.

It will be interesting to see how it may affect the other companies I’m involved in. I’m excited to learn how applications for this can be used outside of selling skins.

The Market is Primed for WAX

With every new technology, there’s inertia. For example, at first, Internet browsers were hard to use. Eventually, using them became second nature for most of us.

Some people will question virtual currency. To me, it’s funny when people question Bitcoin, but then spend $1,000 on a virtual item for their kids.

It feels like we’re really on the up curve to see this go mainstream. We see companies like IBM and banks talking about blockchain on a daily basis.

Sometimes, you’re early. Sometimes, you’re right on time — that’s what I feel this is.

I personally feel WAX is going to be very successful, and I like to be involved with successful ventures.

Brian Fargo is an advisor at WAX, and founder of both Interplay Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. His studio’s works include the Bard’s Tale, Battle Chess, and Castles series, as well as puzzle and educational games such as The Lost Vikings and Mario Teaches Typing, among many others.


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