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Announcing the Accepted WAX Guild Showcase Projects

Sep 20, 2019
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Since announcing the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase last month, we’ve received submissions for a variety of top-tier projects that showcase the value WAX Guild Candidates can bring to the WAX Platform and WAX Community.

The 11 projects listed below have been accepted into the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase. The WAX Guild Candidates behind each project will be voted in as either WAX Guilds or standby guilds (depending on the section they are listed in). As a reminder, we launched this initiative as a temporary measure to add new WAX Guild Candidates into the top 21 for block producer positions. However, before the office of the Inspector General is fully live and operational, the WAX team needs a way to identify who the most valuable WAX Guild Candidates are - ones who will bolster the WAX ecosystem to reach the goal of achieving mass adoption. During this temporary period (until the office of the Inspector General is filled and this neutral third-party can evaluate WAX Guild Candidates’ contribution to the ecosystem), we will be voting on WAX Guilds based on their participation in the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase.

We believe this is the best possible short-term initiative to benefit both the WAX community as well as WAX Guild candidates who can begin producing blocks and therefore earning WAX Guild Rewards sooner (rather than waiting for the office of the Inspector General to be filled in the near future).

You can read more about the WAX Guild Candidate Showcase and the Office of the Inspector General here.

WAX Guilds:

WAX Guild #1 - BlockMatrix

BlockMatrix will port over to WAX their EOS INFRA scalable infrastructure, which currently has hundreds of clients and serving 1,000 requests per second. This provides secure, reliable and scalable access to the WAX Blockchain so that dApps can focus on development that adds value to their end-consumer.

More info about EOS INFRA can be found here.

BlockMatrix WAX Guild Candidacy

WAX Guild #2 - Aloha EOS

Aloha EOS will provide an accurate guild-fed on-chain price oracle, DelphiOracle, for any WAX dApp to consume. This is important because accurate on-chain price feed data is useful for many dApps, such as DEX and stablecoin projects. DelphiOracle is multi-party source of truth, designed as a price feed oracle and extensible to other use cases. More information about DelphiOracle can be found here.

Aloha EOS has an array of WAX tools that are already live, including:

- WAX Guild Research Portal

- WAX Vote Proxy Research Portal

- WAX Guild Producer Benchmarks

- WAX Guild Reliability Tracker

- WAX Block Statistics

- WAX Guild Telegram Reliability Bot

- Register Proxy Info contract

Aloha EOS WAX Guild Candidacy

WAX Guild #3 - EOS Cafe Block

EOS Cafe Block will develop an Asset Explorer for NFTs trading on the WAX Blockchain that features asset data, transactions, and account pages.

EOS Cafe Block has also built, a comprehensive block explorer for WAX Blockchain transactions that also features:
- A RAM calculator

- RAM marketplace

- WAX Wallet

- Voting interface

- Name bidder

And more.

EOS Cafe Block WAX Guild Candidacy

WAX Guild #4 - WAX sw/eden

The WAX sw/eden team will provide top-tier infrastructure for the WAX Blockchain. They will provide full history API, both v1 and v2, for the entire community to use. WAX sw/eden will also run the WAX Guild community forums.

WAX sw/eden WAX Guild Candidacy

WAX Guild #5 - EOS Amsterdam

EOS Amsterdam will publish biweekly educational articles for both beginners and more advanced dApp developers, including in Chinese. They will also offer community support in Western and Eastern WAX channels (both general and developer channels) in addition to building the WAX Asian communities. Additionally, they will port over the EOSIO State Track API (NFT API) to the WAX Blockchain, which is able to fetch all NFTs belonging to a certain user and more

EOS Amsterdam WAX Guild Candidacy

WAX Guild #6 - EOS Nation

EOS Nation will do the following:

- Implement the EOS Nation Validator on WAX at

- Create a news site and podcast for all things WAX similar to EOS Hot Sauce.

- Encourage interoperability with other blockchains by using "validation checks" that are similar to other EOSIO blockchains (only differing when specifically needed) and validating that WAX Guilds have their publicly-visible infrastructure configured appropriately.

- Add WAX integration to EOS Detective, which puts forensic data analysis for the WAX Blockchain at anyone’s fingertips

- Provide a tool for the Office of the Inspector General to research WAX Guild performance data, aiding them in making informed and objective decisions when grading WAX Guild candidates.

EOS Nation WAX Guild Candidacy

Standby Guilds:

The following WAX Guild Candidate Showcase applicants will be voted in as standby guilds:

ZenBlocks/EOS Miami

- Sqrl ported over, supporting fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto atomic swaps

- Realtime EOS/WAX exchange

- Co-hosting community events in Miami

ZenBlocks WAX Guild Candidacy


- High performance node support (APIs and hardware)

- Standards for signing protocol, history, governance, account creation, etc.

Greymass WAX Guild Candidacy (formerly EOS Asia)

- Marketing WAX to,, and others

- dApp recruitment to WAX for EOS INFRA clients WAX Guild Candidacy


- Hyperion history node for WAX

EOS Rio WAX Guild Candidacy


- port to WAX

- Events and marketing in Australia

EOSphere WAX Guild Candidacy


We look forward to the progress and success of the above projects. Thank you to all WAX Guild Candidates who entered into the showcase.

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